Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My 2 worlds:

In one of my worlds you need to fight to survive.
1 wrong word and they can take everything you have,
that is, the ones with the power, the ones that can't be over throwin.
They group together in 3 and 4's and there is know way to beat them.
Friend in this world have to be chosen with great care,
If you pick friend that are small and down on the chain of power,
then you would have to protect them agest the powers,
but is you pick friends that are big and powerful themselves,
then they will be doing the protecting.

In my other world it is calm and relaxed.
Nothing but relaxation, no problems, no chain of power,
just hanging around doing whatever YOU want to do, not what they want you to do.
In this world the powers cannot control you, they can get to you,
in this world you are safe and you can be who you want to be,
not the powers telling you who to be.

This is not just my world it is a reality.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

For the people that are destroying there lifes:

She takes a draw and coughs it back out
God knows want it is, as she stands there no were near stout
She promist earlier that day that she'll stop
That never lasted, she says "it's like being stuck between a hard place and a rock"

With a flick of her long nailed finger, the head fell right off
She takes another draw with another spluter and chough.
As she stands there with all her pals, all standing round about
I think of all she could be if she only put it out.

If this disease takes her down
I don't no what I'd do, I'd probably frown
She gave her life to a sitck
If you think about it, it makes you sick.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For the teaches at my school:

Most of my teachers do nothing exept shout!
And it's normally about now't.

They also say that they don't like homework,
But GOD! they sure can dish it out.

And mabey before the bell, you might learn something new
But it will probably be a more inventive way to give a punny to you.

Before all that they twiter to each other
To see the worst way to get you in bother.

Then you discover when you get home,
That they'v told you parents that you'v done something wrong.

And between the homework and that grounding you'v got
No wonder they say that we will die before Maw and Pop's.

Wirten in the view of a NED from my school.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This is about the best pal I never talk to:

This is to the best pal I never new
And the one that I never talk to
All that we say is a "hi" or "bye"
Alonge with a wave, her hand up high

She only lives round the corner after all
Sitting in her room next to Paul
And even when I'm in the house
She seems to hide away like a mouse

Even if I can't tell her voice on the phone
She is still my best pal
That I have never known

Lewis you no who I'm taking about

Friday, September 02, 2005

I wrote this to for the nice's mate in the world over the last moments:

I am to young for
Adult worries and giant problems

He bothered
When i declined

He gave my worries
A happy ending

And I laughed
In the face of sorrow

My confidence lifted
By his gental words

And i thank him
For his words

You have no idea what they ment. Thank you

I wrote to describe the person i know best:

The people he loves
He cannot have

His hopes shattered
By his friends

The things he wants
Cannot happen

His world broken
Over a week

His life goes down hill
From taunts jealousy

And this burden
He carries alone

No-one must no
No-one must no